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T.R.Y. is a thermochromic yarn which changes color immediately when heated to a specific temperature. As the yarn cools it quickly reverts to its original color . You can choose the reactive temperature according to your needs (from – 5°C to 70°C) . It is possible to choose both the original color and the reactive colour.

Yarn in progress.
Actual ranges :
Material: polyester – aramid (cotton and polyamide to be tested)
Dtex : 78 -167 (others could be possible)
Colors: Black to white
Blue to white
(others in development : Red to white; green to white)

ALWAYS dark to light.

Temperature range : from – 5°C to + 70°C (+- 3+C accuracy)


Number of washes and number of thermo-reactions still to be tested.

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SENTI, our new "olfactif" yarn (currently tested to 20 washes), offers many possibilities.

Do you need a bespoke aroma for your product ?

Our coating can be tested on any yarn, with a vast range of perfumes.


RCOL200 is our fire retardant aramid with a high temperature color resistance of up to 200°C.

Meta aramid or para aramid, currently in camouflage green with other colors in development (red, blue and black).


From simple yarn to complex yarn, our range includes ply doubling yarns, twisted and cabled yarns, covering yarns, coated yarns, whatever you require.

From high tenacity to metallic/textile yarns, we have antibacterial, antistatic, bespoke yarns. Together we can find solutions for all your projects.

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